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Fluid Simulation Research

1. General fluid mechanics 2. Fluid Height Field Simulation of Water Ripple http://www.roxlu.com/downloads/scholar/001.fluid.height_field_simulation.pdf Advertisements

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Book of Happiness II

Book of Happiness is a series of digitally fabricated books that were developed over a period of three years. Four selected individuals’ personal memories on loss and struggle are deciphered … Continue reading

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the old and the new art

Surrealism 1920 Méret Oppenheim, My Nurse (1936) The surrealist Méret Oppenheim had an eye for presenting suggestive stuff from the world around us. She famously, for instance, covered a cup … Continue reading

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The Introspection Game

My mother is a talented dancer, a kind, generous human being. She also suffered from anxiety and depression. Since when I started college, I have been researching in the field … Continue reading

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Joe The Annoying Friend

This week, for The Rest of US, I made an imaginary Facebook friend for myself, Joe the Annoying Friend. It’s a Chrome extension with an ON and OFF icon, so … Continue reading

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Binaural Sound and Breath Sensor Testing

For this week’s Talk TO The Rest of ME assignment, I decided to try to get in touch with my unconscious self by listening to Binaural Wave that corresponds with … Continue reading

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Show Me What You See

Show Me What You See is an experimental art project that utilizes recently available body sensing and wearable recording technologies to take a fresh new look into the intimate relationship … Continue reading

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WORK IN PROGRESS Introduction Consider the much anticipated virtue-reality computer gaming technology hacked, FLOW is an immersive biofeedback-based meditation experience that turns the concept of computer gaming inside out. A … Continue reading

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Born and raised in mainland China, I have been interested in incorporating Chinese culture inspiration into my design and fabrication. Double 喜 is one of my favorite traditional characters. It … Continue reading

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